Dear Noa | A creative chat from behind the scenes

Today, we sat down with one of our Little Noa creative talents, Cassy Avraham to chat about her inspiration and designs at Little Noa...

What’s your inspiration behind the clothes you have designed?
I have always been a creative person, having studied a Bachelor in Visual Arts and completing a Diploma in Specialist Makeup, this felt like a wonderful step to take into the world of fashion. When we started to design our range, we knew as a brand that we wanted to create clothes for young girls that are comfortable, wearable and fun. I feel Little Noa speaks of beauty, with elements of funky graphics, embroideries and linens all combined to create a truly stunning range of clothing.

Pictured above: Cassy Avraham - Creative talent at Little Noa.

Pictured above: Eloise Short - a talented artist who has helped to bring Little Noa to life.

What does Little Noa mean to you?

Little Noa means many things to me. Firstly, it has given me the incredible opportunity to work with my parents and family. It is a dream working with people you trust and feel comfortable with. The Little Noa team are really a fantastic group of people, who inspire me daily. 

Secondly, Little Noa has given me the opportunity to learn about the fashion world from behind the scenes, how each garment is made and the energy, time and love that’s poured into it.  

Thirdly, Little Noa for me, is like bringing light into this world, sharing and creating joy. 

How has it been collaborating with other artists on this journey of Little Noa?

Finding talented artist Eloise Short has been a blessing for the Little Noa design team. Not only have we collaborated in creating our bespoke tie-dye print, but she has also created our gorgeous Australian Wildflower and Eucalyptus prints. She has played an instrumental role in bringing Little Noa to life by illustrating our very own Little Noa book.

You’re a very creative and talented young woman, where do you find your inspiration?

Thank you!!! I find inspiration all over the place, whether it be from my own past, old movies, and magazines, nature, art and makeup. This all goes into the designs, colour ways and textiles we use at Little Noa. I almost always have a vision of how I would like something to look- the road it takes to get there may change or evolve but I love the journey and I feel it becomes a part of that garment, or the range.

How has it been working alongside your mum and family?

It has been amazing working with my mum and family. My mum is a truly unique, powerful, strong and beautiful woman. She is one of the most passionate people I know and puts her absolute all into everything she does. I'm so glad that we have been able to work side by side and learn about each other's strengths and where we can help one another. Not every day is easy, but it is incredibly rewarding... and we are achieving our goals step by step.

Pictured above: Cassy designing our bespoke embroidery print.

Pictured above: Sketches by Cassy and Little Noa prints.

What do you see in the future for Little Noa?

I am so excited for the future of Little Noa and watching how this brand grows. We have so many more ideas, inspiration and goals to achieve, there almost aren't enough hours in the day!! Watch this space, as there are so many exciting things ahead. 



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