Girls Dresses & Jumpsuits

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At Little Noa we are proud to manufacture most of our collection of girls dresses and jumpsuits right here in Australia. The Little Noa team are committed to supporting local manufacturing. It feels right that cherished garments should be worn, well-loved and then shared with others, which is why we aim to bring you long-lasting, better washing dresses & jumpsuits that are both timeless and comfortable.

Our promise is delivering ‘happiness you can wear’ and we achieve this by working with quality partners, fabrics and designs. We have worked hard to design quality dresses for your little ones to embrace happiness. 

Our girls dresses and jumpsuits are crafted in a range of fabrics including Rayon, Cotton and Linen/Viscose. We use Rayon/viscose fabric in our dresses and jumpsuits as it is the most absorbent plant-based fabric, making it breathable, lightweight and machine washable. The Cotton we use is easy to care for and comfortable to wear all-year-round. Both fabrics are perfect for the little ones to wear throughout any season.

If you are looking for the perfect girls dress or jumpsuit, crafted locally in Australia, the collection of dresses and jumpsuits from Little Noa is perfect for you.