Girls Shorts

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Are you looking for the perfect girl’s shorts? Little Noa has worked hard to design the cutest shorts that empower little girls to feel their very best, have fun and enjoy the compliments of their friends and family. 

Our promise is delivering ‘happiness you can wear’ and we achieve this by working with quality partners, fabrics and designs. The Little Noa team are committed to supporting local manufacturing and suppliers.  
The girl’s shorts range is mostly made here in Australia, where all our garments are made to feel right, cherished, well-loved and then shared with others.  The aim of the Little Noa Team is to bring you long-lasting, better washing shorts that are timeless and comfortable.
The Little Noa range of shorts has been designed for all shapes and sizes and is all-inclusive. We have provided you with a size guide which we hope will help when choosing the perfect size for your very own Little Noa.  
If you are looking for the perfect girl's shorts, crafted locally in Australia, you cannot go wrong with this collection from Little Noa.