Hi, I’m Sue, and I’d love to share my Little Noa story with you. 

I have always felt extremely connected to children and their natural wonder of the world. It began at a young age when working as a volunteer at an orphanage, with very young children. My love and care for children expanded even further, when I became a mother years later. I went on to follow this passion by caring for children as a nanny, and then worked for a girls clothing brand. It took the loss of my job in March for me to re-evaluate everything in my life and to take the leap of faith, to make my dream of creating a children’s brand, a reality. 

This is how Little Noa was born! 

Another dream come true has been producing most of our Little Noa range right here in Sydney, Australia. The extra added bonus has been collaborating with my husband Doug and my family. Together we are creating a world around Little Noa that is full of feeling, care and happiness. My daughter Cassy is extremely creative, and has worked closely with me, to create our first collection. My son Jordan and daughter-in-law Dani, who are both artists and musicians, have also been very involved and have written our very own Little Noa song and book. 


Little Noa is inspired by the spirit, sights, and sounds of Australia’s natural landscapes, the vibrancy and playfulness of the native flowers and fauna, and the sweet soothing colours of the ocean and sky. We hope to tap into the wonder of childhood memories, and the joy of time spent exploring outdoors and gathering together with loved ones and neighbourhood friends. 

Each piece is created and produced with the spirit of childhood and friendship in mind. That is why we say, Little Noa is “Happiness you can wear”. We feel extremely passionate about our Little Noa brand being all-inclusive and our aim is for children to feel confident and happy wearing it. We have created the entire range with this in mind, and we hope that each piece will be passed down and shared with family and friends for years to come. We are committed to producing as much locally as possible, using natural, breathable, wearable and comfy fabrics. 

It gives us so much joy to share our dream of Little Noa with you - it’s our hope that you will love it as much as we have loved bringing it to you!  

Thank you for joining us! 

XO, Sue

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