Dear Noa | The Making of the Little Noa Song

Hi there,

Dani and Jordan here! It has been incredibly meaningful working with our family to bring their dream of Little Noa to life! We are elated to share the song we created for Little Noa, called 'Happiness You Can Wear'.

This song came straight to our hearts as we envisioned the joy, wonder, and magic of childhood that Little Noa inhabits. It is our dream that all children are able to grow up in a world full of happiness and care. 

We hope that the joy of the song is felt and shared when you listen!

Here we are, creating the song together:

The song lyrics for you, if you’d like to sing along!

“Happiness can mean so many things,

I will shake the dust off of my wings

And fly through all the rainbows of care

Little Noa, Happiness you can wear

I look around and see what the world brings,

A little bird comes up to me and sings

The flowers are in bloom everywhere

Little Noa, happiness you can wear”

You can click here to download the Little Noa: Happiness You Can Wear song 

Lots of love,

Dani and Jordan

Ps. you can find more of our songs at

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